*Final product may vary slightly from sample images


Window Armor — See it Through

  • Level IIIA transparent window armor
  • Drop-in, tool-free installation
  • Quick-release handles for fast, easy removal
  • Multi-round ballistic protection
  • Smooth finish with no protruding edges
  • Premium hardware for flawless integration
  • Combine with Avail Ballistic Door Panels for full-door coverage


Elevate your vehicle protection with Angel Armor Enlight Window Armor. Our premium design features maximum coverage for officer safety while allowing for civilian interaction and engagement. The window armor does not interfere with door functionality or require removal of the existing window — and no additional hardware is needed. Upfit your vehicle with Enlight Window Armor for every mission and see it through.


  • Drop-in, tool-free installation
  • Level IIIA police car window armor available for the industry’s top vehicles
  • Revolutionary ballistic technology, surpassing NIJ standards
  • Combine with Avail Ballistic Door Panels for full-door coverage

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Ballistic Specifications


We Stand Behind Our Ballistic Performance So You Can Too

Angel Armor’s Enlight Window Armor provides groundbreaking defense so you can respond with confidence in any situation.



  • 9mm Luger 124gr FMJ 1400 +/- 50 fps
  • .44 MAG 240gr Lead SWC GC 1400 +/- 50 fps


  • Federal 9mm Luger 124gr Hydra-Shok JHP @ 1254 fps
  • Federal .40 S&W 165gr Hydra-Shok JHP @ 1155 fps
  • Federal .45 AUTO +P 200gr GDHP @ 1159 fps

*Independently tested in accordance with NIJ standards. Full test details and reports available upon request.
**To request testing for additional special threats, contact Angel Armor.

Product Details

Vehicle Compatibility

Enlight Window Armor is available for both driver side and passenger side doors.


  • Ford Police Interceptor Utility (2013 & Newer Models)
  • Ford Explorer (2011 & Newer Models)

We are continuously exploring new opportunities to add to our product line-up. If you’d like to add your police vehicle to the list, let us know.



Which vehicle models do you make Enlight for?

We currently offer Enlight for Ford Interceptor SUV (2013 & Newer Models) and Ford Explorer (2011 & Newer Models). We are continuously exploring new opportunities to add to our window armor offering. If you’d like to see your vehicle added to the list, contact our sales team discuss to your opportunity in more detail: sales@angelarmor.com.

How much does Enlight cost?

Our standard window armor pricing is $1,349.00. However, final pricing may vary depending on the size and details of your order. We also have agency, partner and bundle pricing available. For additional information on pricing, get in touch with an Angel Armor Sales Representative.

How is Enlight Installed?

Enlight features a drop-in, tool-free installation that can be completed in seconds. The window armor does not interfere with door functionality or require removal of the existing window — and no additional hardware is needed. Decommission is just as fast and easy, featuring quick-release handles for hassle free removal.

How much does Enlight weigh?

The exact weight varies by make and model, but in general the total weight of the armor with the installation bracket is 15 pounds.

How thick is Enlight?

Enlight Window Armor is 1.25″ thick.

How long does it take to install Enlight?

Less than 60 seconds.

If I get a new vehicle, can I transfer my existing Enlight to my new vehicle?

Yes, Enlight is transferable between compatible makes and models. Because every vehicle is different and tends to change with each new model, it is important that your armor is first inspected to ensure the ballistic integrity and vehicle functionality have not been compromised. For more detailed information on this topic, get in touch with an Angel Armor representative at sales@angelarmor.com.

Who can purchase Enlight?

At this time, Enlight is available to our Law Enforcement, Public Safety Military and Private Security clientele. If you have a specific need or business opportunity that warrants consideration, please contact an Angel Armor representative at sales@angelarmor.com.

How do I order?

You may place an order by submitting and inquiry on angelarmor.com or by contacting an Angel Armor representative or distributor directly. If you have any questions or need any assistance with this process, we are ready and waiting to help: sales@angelarmor.com or 970 235 2961

What kind of environments will Enlight hold up in?

We conduct rigorous and detailed environmental testing on all of our products. We use third-party testing facilities as well as internal testing practices. We test our products in the various environments they will be subject to over the product’s lifespan.

What is the warranty policy for Enlight?

Enlight is backed by a five-year limited warranty. For further information, visit angelarmor.com/warranties.


Sales Sheet