AngelArmor_20042004 – The roots of Angel Armor technology begin as a byproduct from an advanced composite project initiated by EBS Carbon in Boulder, CO

2005 – The armor technology evolves with new processes. Experimentations and ballistic testing are successfully conducted with the latest materials available on the market

AngelArmor_20092008 – Development of hard armor ballistics continues with new materials, and custom formed armor is added to the technology suite

2009 – Development of semi-rigid and soft armor ballistics prove successful against 5.7x28mm FN rounds and other special threats

AngelArmor_20132009 – Structural hard armor is developed for classified government program on rotorcraft project

2013 – EBS Carbon is acquired and Angel Armor, LLC is created to focus on the optimization of ballistic protection complete with a dedicated internal ballistics lab

AngelArmor_20142014 – Angel Armor applies proprietary ballistic armor technology from a US Military project to the Law Enforcement industry. New product lines are developed, including Trauma Plates, Ballistic Door Panels for select vehicles and Modular Barriers for free-standing concealed protection with a refined finish

AngelArmor_20162016 – Angel Armor expands ballistic armor product lines to include a premium soft-armor ballistic vest, aimed at safety, comfort and versatility and an innovative trauma plate system with rifle-round protection