Mission: Defend Life From Threat With Revolutionary Ballistic Protection

We work in the name of our heroes, leaders, and citizens–that by our efforts, innovative technologies may be applied to ensure security for the U.S. and across the nations.

The skill, strength, honor, and iron will of those we serve inspire us to defend life from threat so that individuals may live to their fullest potentials.


With leading-edge protective solutions, we seek to lighten the load of those who bear great responsibility, uphold the heroes who defend our way of life, and support every person’s right to pursue their mission, passion, and freedom.

We Are Innovators. We Are Patriots. We Are Guardians.

Angel Armor elevates protection to a higher level, dedicating advanced research, design, and testing to the development of pioneering ballistic solutions.

And with these solutions, we provide uncompromising and unparalleled protection, worthy of those we serve.



Defend life from threat with revolutionary ballistic protection